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Mar 25

Martial Law In America

Martial Law in America, most people in the United States are oblivious to what is happening to this country. If you really want to know how to survive and possibly thrive in a police state you need to read this book.

hstmlpslogo Normal Americans are now just starting to wake up to the madness that is going on in America. the bottom up, top down and inside out method of oppression is well on its way. Why is this happening? To creat Martial Law in America. Now, what is Matial Law? It is the use of military forces to control the population in case of an overwhelming crisis or as some would call it a police state. Why would there be martial law in America? Simple to create a police state to control its people. Will you be ready when they ask you for your papers? Learn what you can do to protect yourself from martial law in America.

martial law in america

martial law in america
  • What the most dangerous agency in the US is (you'll never guess!)
  • The nine most dangerous numbers in your life.
  • What the dreaded ‘knock on the door' means for you… and your family.
  • How to cook food for your entire family… without gas or electricity… even if you live in a tiny apartment!
  • What the World War II phrase "loose lips sink ships" means to you and your family today.
  • The 15 essential supplies you MUST have to survive the coming police state… including one very unusual one that nine out of ten survivalists would never guess.

Start Learning The Skills To Protect Your Family Durning a Police State


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