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Apr 20

How To Stay Safe House Safety The Best Firearm For Your Home

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

First things first, when preparing to find a firearm that is best suited for you and your house safety it is important to look at the ease of care for the particular weapon you are looking for.

A shot gun I find to be the weapon of choice for our house safety. The reason I chose a shotgun is the ease at which I can keep and maintain it. Unclean and under maintained weapons are the major cause of deaths in house safety and gun related accidents. Below is a basic list of the things you will find in a gun cleaning kit. If the kit you are looking at does not include some of these items then do not buy that gun cleaning kit.

The basic components of a weapons cleaning kit for your house safety are…

  • AP (All purpose) Brush
  • CLP (Cleaning, Lubricating, protectant) Oil
  • Solvent
  • Rod(s)
  • patch holder
  • Bore Brush
  • Patches

Some more handy tips for keeping and maintaining your house safety firearm.

  • Q TIPS: These are great for getting in nooks and crannies of your gun parts to remove carbon…Carbon is not your friend, it builds up from the gun powder residue
  • Pipe Cleaners: These, like q tips can get in some more nooks and crannies
  • Gun Cleaning Mat: This can be anything from an old sweatshirt to a more fancy made for cleaning materials that soak up oil, etc.  You dont want to do this on the living room floor necessarily, but wherever you clean you dont want it soaked with oil and gunpowder residue.
  • *disclaimer* you should use latex gloves and eye protection when cleaning your weapon. 

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A Shotgun, The Best Firearm for Defending Your Home

I have seen a lot of discussion on the subject of ammunition and what caliber is best for you to keep for home defense.  Now for the purposes of this discussion I am assuming that you are defending your home …The post A Shotgun, The Best Firearm for Defending Your Home appeared first on Preparedness Advice Blog.
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Fire Safety and Children

For the last seventeen years of my career in law enforcement, I was involved in arson and bomb investigation, prior to that I was on a fire department.  This resulted in being involved in investigating a number of fires that …The post Fire Safety and Children appeared first on Preparedness Advice Blog.
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Food Storage Ideas For Urban Survival | Shadow Search – Narcissus

Food Storage Ideas For Urban Survival. Content. TK. Link/s. Food Storage Ideas For Urban Survival

Apr 20

Emergency Survival Kits With First Aid Kits

Looking for emergency survival kits that can sustain two adults in a emergency for upto a week? You have found what your looking for. The Ultimate Survival Pack.

If you are looking to begin preparing for emergency situations whether it be natural or man made, A G.O.O.D. bag; or (Get Out Of Dodge Bag) is essential. Survival kits are the best way for you and your family to stay ready for any type of disaster. In this emergency survival kit you will find all the necessities for two adults to survive for a week. Checkout all the details HERE

Emergency Survival Kits in South Portland, ME| LocalPages

When my uncle first moved into Dream Home i was a little skeptical, but after the first month i realized i was a great place to be. This place is a re.
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Dealing With Infected Wounds

Editor’s note: In a survival situation, dealing with infected wounds could turn out to be a bigger problem than we might think. We dare not take them for granted. The following article on recognizing, preventing and treating wound infections is reprinted with permission. – John

Apr 20

Food Storage Recipe – Corned Beef Hash Casserole

Living Pay Check To Pay Check You Can Still Reach Your Long Term Food Storage Goals Using Coupons.



If you remember and I am sure that you do, the "GREAT RECESSION" of 2009, then you know that your economic status can change in an instance potentially leaving you and your family in a terrible bind. A great way to give you and your family some piece of mind in a difficult economic situation.

A great way to keep your emergency food storage bills under control is to use coupons to save on items that can run your grocery and food storage bills threw the roof. Emergency preparedness is not cheap so saving a few dollars here and there can really add up quickly. Please be sure to checkout our "Secrets To Extrem Couponing" HERE.

emergency preparedness

Food Storage Recipe – Corned Beef Hash Casserole

This is a quick casserole to try and uses items that should be in your food storage.Corned Beef Hash CasseroleNEED:8 ounce bag of noodles2 chopped onions – or dehydrated3/4 of a green pepper , chopped – or dehydrated1 tablespoon butter1 can of cream of mushroom soup1 cup of milk – use dry milk to make this?3/4 cup of grated velveeta cheese1 can of corned beef hash3/4 cup of buttered bread crumbsCook the noodles as directed and then layer in the casserole dish.Saute the onions and green peppers in butter until tender.Add the soup, milk, and cheSee Original Article

Long lasting emergency dehydrated food


#10 Cans. Mountain House #10 Cans are the "Gold Standard" in emergency food storage, with the best taste and the longest proven shelf life in the …
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6 Month Emergency Survival Food Supply – Thrive / COSTCO – Craigslist


6 Month Emergency Survival Food Supply – Thrive / COSTCO – $650 (Ahwatukee) … This is a nice assortment of food for storage. It provides 2000 …
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Apr 19

Family Survival – Costco emergency food kit review

In the last ten years we have seen a steady increase in the price of food through out the United States. Many things can effect the price of food that is why it is becoming increasingly more important to have a family survival emergency food supply on hand and easily excesible. There are many ways to go about choosing the right family survival food supply. Home Survival Training recommends that you visit Emergency Essentials for all of your family survival needs.


Costco emergency food kit review

<Costco product reviews and customer ratings for Emergency Food Kit. … If you have food storage these buckets would be an excellent addition and …
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Mosquitoes Can be a Health Hazard After TEOTWAWKI



I live near a stream and every year the mosquito abatement district sprays along the stream and as a result, I don’t get many mosquitoes in my yard.  Now after TEOTWAWKI that will change, there will be no spraying which …The post Mosquitoes Can be a Health Hazard After TEOTWAWKI appeared first on Preparedness Advice Blog.
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Food Storage Recipe – Make Your Own Cherry Leather



Cherry Leather

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Apr 19

When the lights go out!: A Emergency Action Plan Guide

Goal Zero

In this day and age it is important for every family to have a emergency action plan to help guid them during times of natural and even man madedisaster. Does your family have a emergency action plan to put in place for just those reasons that were mentions before? If not we here at Home Survival Training encourages all our readers to take action to protect your loved ones in times of emergeny disaster. Be sure to get your FREE EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUDE

Please read these great articles below from our Prepper friends from around the internet and the twittersphere.

When the lights go out!: A guide to living in your home without power or water, during a emergency.

When the lights go out!: A guide to living in your home without power or water, during a emergency. was a free kindle book when this post was written.For the person that wants to be more aware of ways to use what they already have. A guide to living in your home without power or water, during a emergency. Using the items already in your home. For example how to locate and get water hidden in your hot water heater. Including real life examples based on living for up to 3 weeks without power and water after hurricanes in Florida and ice storSee Original Article


Jim bakker food storage


20 year shelf life, 200 servings emergency food supply buckets. If you have food storage these buckets would be an excellent …
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Freeze Dried Food Throughout The Ages | Emergency Food … | The Survival ListThe Survival List


Freeze Dried Food Throughout The Ages | Emergency Food … This entry was posted by on … food, Freeze, Throughout; Categories: Food Storage …
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Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Jun 27

The Food Supply – Stockpiling Food

The Food Supply – Stockpiling Food, Smart families today realize that they can’t rely on the government to provide for them in case of an emergency survival situation.

Earthquakes, snowstorms, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, war, civil unrest, or any other catastrophe could make it difficult or impossible for you to feed your own family. Now, more than ever, wise citizens are becoming responsible and protecting their families with the food supply. But, before you make an investment in stockpiling food, it is important that you know what a stable food supply can do for your family in a time of disaster. Stockpiling food that is high in calories is very important in an emergency survival situation, during these times of duress your body will need the extra calories to be able to make through the extra stress. Food and supplies that are light in weight will be very important, in a time of disaster often it is required that me move.

If you are looking into stockpiling food the food supply you are looking for should be suitable for your whole family Home Survival Training Suggest Solutions Food Storage Watch the video below to see if the food supply is right for you.

the food supply

Jun 26

Survival Kit Ideas – Ultimate Survival Pack

The Ultimate Survival Pack is the finest in emergency survival packs. If your looking for emergency survival kits that come fully stocked for 2 adults for emergency survival situations lasting up to a week.

survival pack

One of the most essential elements to being prepared is having an emergency survival pack. As Eric from Home Survival Training explains, packing away a few simple items can go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe. An emergency survival pack is another way of taking care of your family making sure they're safe, making sure they're self-reliant. Think of it as your family's care package. First of all, you want to make sure you have water. Water is extremely important to have on your bug out bag checklist. You need a first aid kit. Make sure that it's freshly stocked. Trash bag, you should have trash bags for waste. A radio, this particular radio actually has batteries with it. If you have batteries, you need to make sure the batteries are fresh. If you have food items, you need to make sure the items haven't expired. Things along those lines are really important survival pack ideas. Those are some things you want to keep in mind. Your emergency survival pack should be easily accessible and contain enough to sustain you, your family, AND your pets for at least 72 hours. Checkout the Ultimate Evacuation Survival Pack. Below.

survival pack

Emergency Duffle Bag on Wheels: Quantity 1
Swiss Army Knife: Quantity 1
Bottle of Potassium Iodide: Quantity 1
5-in-1 Survival Whistle: Quantity 1
Emergency Ponchos: Quantity 2
Hygiene Kit: Quantity 1
NIOSH N95 Dust Masks: Quantity 1
Hand and Body Warmers: Quantity 2
Complete Stove In A Can: Quantity 1
Sewing Kit: Quantity 1
12 Hour Bright Stick: Quantity 2
50 ft. Nylon Rope: Quantity 1
6 packages of Pocket Tissue: Quantity 6 packages
Flashlight: Quantity 1
Deck of Playing Cards: Quantity 1
Roll of Duct Tape
Waste Bag: Quantity 2
Mylar Sleeping Bags: Quantity 2
Leather Palm Work Gloves: Quantity 1
107 Piece First-Aid Kit: Quantity 1
Water Purification Tablets: Quantity 10
Metal Fork: Quantity 1
Knife and Spoon: Quantity 1
Sierra Cup: Quantity 1

Emergency Food Supply: Quantity 44 Servings

survival pack 

Jun 24

Alternative Energy Source – Sun Power

Here at Home Survival Training, we believe in alternative energy source giving you the power to heat your home using sun power.

alternative energey source

This alternative energy source can save on your energy bills using our advanced sun power alternative energy source. So, what are the secrets that the energy companies don’t want you to know?

 1) Weather has got very little to do with how effective alternative energy source is. Summer or Winter it makes very little difference our sun power systems work in all conditions, saving you money and keeping the lights on when the power grid fails.

 2) Energy companies will pay you for your energy! Yes, it’s true. With an alternative energy source you can actually sell your sun power energy back to ‘the grid’ and the energy companies will reward you handsomely just for having your alternative energy source installed.

3) And third, sun power is the cleanest form of alternative energy source and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint dramatically when using sun power, making your property more energy efficient.

alternative energy source

alternative energey source

PowerHub 1800 Run Times

PowerHub 1800 Runtimes (single battery box with 200 AH battery)

Office Applications





22 h

Inkjet printer


218 h 20 min

Cell phone


396 h

Table lamp


54 h 45 min

17” LCD monitor


49 h 50 min

Table light 40 W


43 h

Table light 60 W


26 h 40 min

alternative energy source

Jun 20

Emergency Reporting And Emergency Communication

One of the important things you want to remember when emergency reporting (calling 911) is to really try to get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible when you’re emergency reporting on the phone with the operator, that will help he or she determine the service you need as quickly as possible. You may have heard the expression "just the facts ma'am"; well that’s kind of what we're after here. When you’re on the phone emergency reporting something you want to try and be as specific and brief as possible in your emergency communication For example, "I need an ambulance, I see smoke, there’s been a traffic accident or I think I see someone breaking into my neighbor’s house. All those statements are very direct and to the point and immediately let the operator  know what kind of help you're going too need. While emergency reporting it may be tempting to give the operator some background about the situation, in general that’s going to be extraneous emergency communication and if needed it we'll certainly be ask for. When emergency reporting you just really want to stay on the line and listen to what to operator or dispatcher is asking you and answer their questions to the best of your knowledge. In your emergency communication help the operator get the point quickly to get help to you quickly also.

emergency reporting(Family Self-Reliance FREE Home Emergency Survival Training Guide)

A great emergency communication technique is what I used in the United States Air Force. It is like most things in the military a very easy emergency reporting system called S-A-L-U-T-E.

S = Size – number of people/vehicles involved or the size of an object.

A = Activity – What are the players doing in real time.

L = Location – Where is the activity taking place.

U = Unit – Describe the players or objects involved.

T = Time – What is the time of the incident.

E = Equipment – What types of vehicles are involved.


Jun 16

Time Management Strategies

time management stratigiesAn often over looked aspect of emergency survival is time management strategies. It is important to incorporate this survival technique into your disaster survival readiness plans. Here is a quick video and short article on how to implement and stick to time management strategies

# 1. Get centered get yourself together physically. Take a deep breath before you do anything this is the best way to begin your time management techniques.

# 2. Get a system Have a good time management strategies system. A kind of structure for how you handle your work flow. It might be a daily review or weekly review. Some kind of a system for your time management techniques so you can see what you are doing.

Join Our Time Management Course Here

# 3. Get it out of your head All those ideas there in your head. All the different things you think you might need to do. Get those down. Get those out. Record them. Have some reliable system preferably on a time management strategies list which brings us to…

# 4. Get specific what concretely is it you need to do. There's something on your time management strategies list for example Sort Marketing Plan. It's too big and your brain will look at that and say how would I do that? It's too much and move on to something else. Instead, you get all the things out of your head into specifics. Like call Dave or email Susan in marketing. Ask her the top 3 marketing companies in Brighton whatever it is. So, really specific on your time management techniques list.

# 5. Get a crumple zone what I mean by this is a time and day that isn't booked out for things are ready. So, if your days are already completely chucked up from 9 'till 7 with meetings. You won't have any time to do the things that will come up. Most people's jobs today over 50% of their time and sometimes 80% is taking out with reactive things. Things that come in. So, some kind of space that crumple zone if you will, to do that is absolutely critical to your time management stategies.

Make More Time For Your Family

# 6. Get committed There's actually no such thing as time management as to Dr. Who. But most of us are managing is our focus, our attention, energy and our commitments. So, what is it you said you would do and you wouldn't do. When people say they haven't got the time what they mean is I over committed or I prioritized something else. So, know what you're saying "YES" to. For this, you need to be able to say "NO"- equally important, and you also need to know what's really important for your job So, you're not just being efficient but you're also being effective while using your time management techniques.

# 7. Get human we're not machines. We do need time for rest. We do need time for flow and flexibility. So, as well as get efficient time management strategies. Its really important to make space for being a human being as well.

Hope these time management strategies will help you in your emergency survival readiness.

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