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Apr 23

A variety of Friendly To The Environment Alternatives which will Benefit Your own Crisis Readiness

Environment Alternatives – Nobody wants to consider that any natural or perhaps artificial catastrophe had the ability to come to pass, nevertheless it’s an actuality when it comes to today’s modern world.

Getting well prepared is crucial. Are you prepared for any initial Three days connected with an unexpected emergency or even natural catastrophe? It should be made top priority to get a tactical in addition to a basic safety kit that includes environment alternatives completely ready in the event of a catastophic event. If the unanticipated occurrence should transpire, environment alternatives and multiple-use equipment are perfect instruments for yourself and your loved ones. Below are some eco-friendly in addition to health-conscious approaches to get prepared for the chance of an urgent situation.

The most important thing everyone wants to accomplish in the eventuality of a disastrous situation is always to make certain that each of our family members feel secure. In the event you can’t shield your self, what’s the piont since in having an emergency comfort pack filled with environment alternatives? Basic security weaponry for instance a .Twenty-two caliber weapon or perhaps 9mm handgun are usually satisfactory. In addition, be sure you have adequate 9mm ammunition saved in addition to bullets for every different gun.

All-In-One Outdoor Tool Mar 11

Environment Alternatives – Drinking water

It’s an undeniable fact that your body can certainly endure for a longer period without having nourishment that it can without having h2o. In the event of a catastrophe, it’s imperative that you have tidy and ample amount of drinking water obtainable. Any kind of urgent situation pack ought to possess a minimum of one gallon for every individual for each and every day. Hold your personal drinking water in BPA-free storage containers as well as stainless-steel dispensers for devastating circumstances. As opposed to holding a number of small plastic containers, take into account purchasing refillable standard water containers which have a built-in filter to completely clean faucet water from chlorine and chemical compounds.

Environment Alternatives – Solar power

It’s vitally important to acquire simple gear for your use such as a knife, can opener, rope, wrenches as well as pliers. On the other hand, how might you meet your requirements pertaining to power different gadgets along with house appliances? Don’t fret about keeping gasoline intended for power generators. Think about purchasing an excellent eco-friendly and solar-powered generator system. It’s a reliable power source intended for notebook computers, electronics in addition to smaller kitchen appliances such as the little refrigerator. Photo voltaic generators tend to be noiseless in contrast to their fuel brethren, and in addition they don’t discharge odiferous by-products in to the environment. They will obtain energy from the sunshine in addition to wall outlets if readily available. Many are works with USB, Alternating current and 12 volt systems. Flashlights are yet another important addition to possess inside your tool resource. Solar-powered as well as hand crank choices are on the market in addition to solar power and even hand crank radios.

Environment Alterntives – Nourishment

There are several ready-made preservative crammed meal alternatives. A wholesome option could be to attempt creating your own personal dehydrated foods which can be saved or perhaps canning vegatables and fruits. They are planet earth safe and nutrition aware alternatives. The foods you're making and pack come in canisters, that can be used again. Garbage collection providers may likely be halted, and so there’s there is no need for making more waste products.

Environment Alternatives – Natural Cures

Throughout a catastrophe awful circumstances can easily come up which entail accidental injuries, health problems, bacterial infections, burns and intestinal troubles. A good eco-first-aid guide ought to include: Calendula solution as well as skin cream designed for burns. It'll relieve suffering, reduce an infection and even hasten recovery.

Arnica is really a rapid operating herbal treatments prep to be able to counter blood loss coming from acute wounds. Cinnamon essential oil could also swiftly decrease blood loss from any supply. Goldenseal pills are a wonderful solution to avoid an infection from within as well as topically. Triggered charcoal powder counteracts diarrhea. It soaks up bacteria, and enteric parasites. You’ll discover Activated charcoal has many medical functions.

Regardless of whether there’s a tornado, earth quake or another occurrence, remaining well prepared could save valuable seconds and then make the stress of the misfortune little much easier to tolerate. Select items along with equipment which are created from all-natural, eco friendly along with natural and organic solutions whenever possible to help supply your personal disaster pack. A great eco-friendly destructionkit is an excellent alternative on numerous levels.

Apr 22

HYPERINFLATION Interest Rates to Collapse Economy

Since the Economic Meltdown in 2008 All the bright economic minds keep telling us that were in a recovery (Keep in mind these are the same bunch that kept telling us we were ok in the first place.) So were in a recovery? I have a hard time really believing that, dont you? I put together 5 things that say we are not in a recovery at all and that hyperinflation is coming. Check them out below.


#1 The unemployment rate in the U.S. has been above 8 percent for 40 months in a row, and 42 percent of all unemployed Americans have been out of work for at least half a year.  As I wrote about recently, there are never going to be enough jobs in America ever again.  As bad as things are right now, they are about to get even worse.  So what is our country going to look like once the unemployment rate starts shooting up rapidly once again?

#2 35 percent of all unemployed workers have had to dip into retirement savings in order to make ends meet over the past year the coming hyperinflation will wipe out what they have not spent yet.

#3 Since 2008, the U.S. economy has lost 1.3 million jobs while at the same time 3.6 million more Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.

#4 A recent survey conducted by the National Association for Business Economics found that only 23 percent of all U.S. companies plan to hire more workers over the next 6 months.  When the same question was asked a few months ago that number was at 39 percent.

#5 An important measure of U.S. manufacturing activity has fallen to its lowest level since June 2009.

Video: HYPERINFLATION Interest Rates to Collapse Economy ~ Frequency

TDV Hyperinflation, Economic Collapse and Impending Capital Controls videos.. Please click here to subscribe to my channel.. Jeff Berwick is …
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“In this news brief we will discuss the latest news on the economic collapse. We look to see if things are really that different. The central bank will not …
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Final Step Before Economic Collapse Coming (Hyperinflation) by Camel Winsdor – nunGSfsoR-8

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Apr 21

Survival Tools For Family Emergency Preparedness

Having the right survival tools on hand during a emergency preparedness situation is key.

Some of the basic survival tools that are needed can range from water to firearms. Here we will just mention the main three water, food shelter.

WATER- having enough water on hand for drinking and sanition is extremly important Home Survival Training suggest that you have a minimum of 1 gallon per adult for drinking and another gallon per adult for sanitation i.e. dishes, handwashing ect…

FOOD- In a survival or disaster situation you are going to need more protien and callories than your body usually needs. There are alot of types of survival foods, MRE'S or Meals Ready To Eat come packaged as full meals ranging from 2200 to 3500 Kcalories, Dehydrated foods any type of food you can imagine from Vegies to Entrees. Home Survival Training recommends EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS for all your survival food meals.

SHELTER- Shelter comes in all forms, In any disaster situation any type of shelter will do. this can be a tent, or even just a simple lean – to is a great survival tool that can keep you out of the elements.

emergency equipment

Supplies And Survival Tools For Emergency Preparedness | casinosaustria-group.net

Supplies And Tools For Emergency Preparedness. Every household should prepare in advance for emergencies. Recent surveys show that fewer …
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Provisions Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Supplies & Survival Tools – About – Google+

Provisions Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Supplies – Provisions is a retail store carrying emergency and disaster preparedness items.
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Compare Prices on Food Emergency Kits- Online Shopping/Buy Low Price Food Emergency Kits at …

Buy Food Emergency Kits at Low Prices on Aliexpress.com now. Other Price Comparison, such as Home & Garden Price, discovery disaster.
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Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Apr 20

How To Stay Safe House Safety The Best Firearm For Your Home

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

First things first, when preparing to find a firearm that is best suited for you and your house safety it is important to look at the ease of care for the particular weapon you are looking for.

A shot gun I find to be the weapon of choice for our house safety. The reason I chose a shotgun is the ease at which I can keep and maintain it. Unclean and under maintained weapons are the major cause of deaths in house safety and gun related accidents. Below is a basic list of the things you will find in a gun cleaning kit. If the kit you are looking at does not include some of these items then do not buy that gun cleaning kit.

The basic components of a weapons cleaning kit for your house safety are…

  • AP (All purpose) Brush
  • CLP (Cleaning, Lubricating, protectant) Oil
  • Solvent
  • Rod(s)
  • patch holder
  • Bore Brush
  • Patches

Some more handy tips for keeping and maintaining your house safety firearm.

  • Q TIPS: These are great for getting in nooks and crannies of your gun parts to remove carbon…Carbon is not your friend, it builds up from the gun powder residue
  • Pipe Cleaners: These, like q tips can get in some more nooks and crannies
  • Gun Cleaning Mat: This can be anything from an old sweatshirt to a more fancy made for cleaning materials that soak up oil, etc.  You dont want to do this on the living room floor necessarily, but wherever you clean you dont want it soaked with oil and gunpowder residue.
  • *disclaimer* you should use latex gloves and eye protection when cleaning your weapon. 

survival techniques

A Shotgun, The Best Firearm for Defending Your Home

I have seen a lot of discussion on the subject of ammunition and what caliber is best for you to keep for home defense.  Now for the purposes of this discussion I am assuming that you are defending your home …The post A Shotgun, The Best Firearm for Defending Your Home appeared first on Preparedness Advice Blog.
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Fire Safety and Children

For the last seventeen years of my career in law enforcement, I was involved in arson and bomb investigation, prior to that I was on a fire department.  This resulted in being involved in investigating a number of fires that …The post Fire Safety and Children appeared first on Preparedness Advice Blog.
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Food Storage Ideas For Urban Survival | Shadow Search – Narcissus

Food Storage Ideas For Urban Survival. Content. TK. Link/s. Food Storage Ideas For Urban Survival

Apr 20

Emergency Survival Kits With First Aid Kits

Looking for emergency survival kits that can sustain two adults in a emergency for upto a week? You have found what your looking for. The Ultimate Survival Pack.

If you are looking to begin preparing for emergency situations whether it be natural or man made, A G.O.O.D. bag; or (Get Out Of Dodge Bag) is essential. Survival kits are the best way for you and your family to stay ready for any type of disaster. In this emergency survival kit you will find all the necessities for two adults to survive for a week. Checkout all the details HERE

Emergency Survival Kits in South Portland, ME| LocalPages

When my uncle first moved into Dream Home i was a little skeptical, but after the first month i realized i was a great place to be. This place is a re.
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Dealing With Infected Wounds

Editor’s note: In a survival situation, dealing with infected wounds could turn out to be a bigger problem than we might think. We dare not take them for granted. The following article on recognizing, preventing and treating wound infections is reprinted with permission. – John

Apr 20

Food Storage Recipe – Corned Beef Hash Casserole

Living Pay Check To Pay Check You Can Still Reach Your Long Term Food Storage Goals Using Coupons.



If you remember and I am sure that you do, the "GREAT RECESSION" of 2009, then you know that your economic status can change in an instance potentially leaving you and your family in a terrible bind. A great way to give you and your family some piece of mind in a difficult economic situation.

A great way to keep your emergency food storage bills under control is to use coupons to save on items that can run your grocery and food storage bills threw the roof. Emergency preparedness is not cheap so saving a few dollars here and there can really add up quickly. Please be sure to checkout our "Secrets To Extrem Couponing" HERE.

emergency preparedness

Food Storage Recipe – Corned Beef Hash Casserole

This is a quick casserole to try and uses items that should be in your food storage.Corned Beef Hash CasseroleNEED:8 ounce bag of noodles2 chopped onions – or dehydrated3/4 of a green pepper , chopped – or dehydrated1 tablespoon butter1 can of cream of mushroom soup1 cup of milk – use dry milk to make this?3/4 cup of grated velveeta cheese1 can of corned beef hash3/4 cup of buttered bread crumbsCook the noodles as directed and then layer in the casserole dish.Saute the onions and green peppers in butter until tender.Add the soup, milk, and cheSee Original Article

Long lasting emergency dehydrated food


#10 Cans. Mountain House #10 Cans are the "Gold Standard" in emergency food storage, with the best taste and the longest proven shelf life in the …
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6 Month Emergency Survival Food Supply – Thrive / COSTCO – Craigslist


6 Month Emergency Survival Food Supply – Thrive / COSTCO – $650 (Ahwatukee) … This is a nice assortment of food for storage. It provides 2000 …
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Apr 19

Family Survival – Costco emergency food kit review

In the last ten years we have seen a steady increase in the price of food through out the United States. Many things can effect the price of food that is why it is becoming increasingly more important to have a family survival emergency food supply on hand and easily excesible. There are many ways to go about choosing the right family survival food supply. Home Survival Training recommends that you visit Emergency Essentials for all of your family survival needs.


Costco emergency food kit review

<Costco product reviews and customer ratings for Emergency Food Kit. … If you have food storage these buckets would be an excellent addition and …
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Mosquitoes Can be a Health Hazard After TEOTWAWKI



I live near a stream and every year the mosquito abatement district sprays along the stream and as a result, I don’t get many mosquitoes in my yard.  Now after TEOTWAWKI that will change, there will be no spraying which …The post Mosquitoes Can be a Health Hazard After TEOTWAWKI appeared first on Preparedness Advice Blog.
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Food Storage Recipe – Make Your Own Cherry Leather



Cherry Leather

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Apr 19

When the lights go out!: A Emergency Action Plan Guide

Goal Zero

In this day and age it is important for every family to have a emergency action plan to help guid them during times of natural and even man madedisaster. Does your family have a emergency action plan to put in place for just those reasons that were mentions before? If not we here at Home Survival Training encourages all our readers to take action to protect your loved ones in times of emergeny disaster. Be sure to get your FREE EMERGENCY SURVIVAL GUDE

Please read these great articles below from our Prepper friends from around the internet and the twittersphere.

When the lights go out!: A guide to living in your home without power or water, during a emergency.

When the lights go out!: A guide to living in your home without power or water, during a emergency. was a free kindle book when this post was written.For the person that wants to be more aware of ways to use what they already have. A guide to living in your home without power or water, during a emergency. Using the items already in your home. For example how to locate and get water hidden in your hot water heater. Including real life examples based on living for up to 3 weeks without power and water after hurricanes in Florida and ice storSee Original Article


Jim bakker food storage


20 year shelf life, 200 servings emergency food supply buckets. If you have food storage these buckets would be an excellent …
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Freeze Dried Food Throughout The Ages | Emergency Food … | The Survival ListThe Survival List


Freeze Dried Food Throughout The Ages | Emergency Food … This entry was posted by on … food, Freeze, Throughout; Categories: Food Storage …
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Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Jun 27

The Food Supply – Stockpiling Food

The Food Supply – Stockpiling Food, Smart families today realize that they can’t rely on the government to provide for them in case of an emergency survival situation.

Earthquakes, snowstorms, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, war, civil unrest, or any other catastrophe could make it difficult or impossible for you to feed your own family. Now, more than ever, wise citizens are becoming responsible and protecting their families with the food supply. But, before you make an investment in stockpiling food, it is important that you know what a stable food supply can do for your family in a time of disaster. Stockpiling food that is high in calories is very important in an emergency survival situation, during these times of duress your body will need the extra calories to be able to make through the extra stress. Food and supplies that are light in weight will be very important, in a time of disaster often it is required that me move.

If you are looking into stockpiling food the food supply you are looking for should be suitable for your whole family Home Survival Training Suggest Solutions Food Storage Watch the video below to see if the food supply is right for you.

the food supply

Jun 26

Survival Kit Ideas – Ultimate Survival Pack

The Ultimate Survival Pack is the finest in emergency survival packs. If your looking for emergency survival kits that come fully stocked for 2 adults for emergency survival situations lasting up to a week.

survival pack

One of the most essential elements to being prepared is having an emergency survival pack. As Eric from Home Survival Training explains, packing away a few simple items can go a long way towards keeping you and your family safe. An emergency survival pack is another way of taking care of your family making sure they're safe, making sure they're self-reliant. Think of it as your family's care package. First of all, you want to make sure you have water. Water is extremely important to have on your bug out bag checklist. You need a first aid kit. Make sure that it's freshly stocked. Trash bag, you should have trash bags for waste. A radio, this particular radio actually has batteries with it. If you have batteries, you need to make sure the batteries are fresh. If you have food items, you need to make sure the items haven't expired. Things along those lines are really important survival pack ideas. Those are some things you want to keep in mind. Your emergency survival pack should be easily accessible and contain enough to sustain you, your family, AND your pets for at least 72 hours. Checkout the Ultimate Evacuation Survival Pack. Below.

survival pack

Emergency Duffle Bag on Wheels: Quantity 1
Swiss Army Knife: Quantity 1
Bottle of Potassium Iodide: Quantity 1
5-in-1 Survival Whistle: Quantity 1
Emergency Ponchos: Quantity 2
Hygiene Kit: Quantity 1
NIOSH N95 Dust Masks: Quantity 1
Hand and Body Warmers: Quantity 2
Complete Stove In A Can: Quantity 1
Sewing Kit: Quantity 1
12 Hour Bright Stick: Quantity 2
50 ft. Nylon Rope: Quantity 1
6 packages of Pocket Tissue: Quantity 6 packages
Flashlight: Quantity 1
Deck of Playing Cards: Quantity 1
Roll of Duct Tape
Waste Bag: Quantity 2
Mylar Sleeping Bags: Quantity 2
Leather Palm Work Gloves: Quantity 1
107 Piece First-Aid Kit: Quantity 1
Water Purification Tablets: Quantity 10
Metal Fork: Quantity 1
Knife and Spoon: Quantity 1
Sierra Cup: Quantity 1

Emergency Food Supply: Quantity 44 Servings

survival pack 

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