When you decide to go off the grid and create a household property which allows one to be safe and self sufficient in case of a catastrophe or catastrophes, you should ensure that your survival homestead conditions as well as food and water are prepared.

You need to possess a place that is not difficult to reach, but is concealed from public view.

A reliable water supply source is essential, it’s your basic requirement to live. If it is a flowing river or stream it may also be used to supply energy.

Room for horticulture and grazing livestock is a perk. You should determine the type of animals and crops you want to raise, since some will need more space than others. If you are gardening, you then do not want to be reliant on a shop to sell bags of fertilizer to you to enrich the earth. Ideally you want land that is already rich in nutrients that will make your plants flourish.

A way of producing your own electricity – solar, hydro, or wind really goes a long way to improve your family life. Running water with a fall in level can be used for hydro electricity.

A safe room built to the house is worth considering for a variety of reasons. You would like it prevent simple entrance by unwanted guests and to resist weather. Whilst large storage facilities are not necessary, you do need storage for things which can not withstand large temperature swings, like food, medication and water supplies. Outside storage for other things, like your survival gear, as well as tools will also be needed.

Protection from damage must always be on your mind. Gates constructed across the property may help. Locks which come with fences and doors are generally flimsy, and that means you might want to reenforce those with something more powerful. Concrete houses built right into the side of a mountain offers the most effective kind protection for a bug-out shelter.

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